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Feb 19, 2022

Christopher R. Rogers and YahNé Ndgo join us for a wide ranging conversation grounded in the book “How We Stay Free: Notes On A Black Uprising.” This anthology, which was published by Common Notions and edited by our guest Christopher as well as Fajr Muhammad, and the Paul Robeson House & Museum, brings together essays, timelines, poetry, photography, illustration, and other artwork to reflect on the George Floyd Uprisings of 2020 in Philadelphia. 

Kim and Brian ask Chris and YahNé about the Paul Robeson House and the place of art and localized knowledge in Black liberation movements. We discuss how some of the testimonies featured in How We Stay Free explore the shifting terrain of “what’s possible,” the complexity of formulating, aligning on, and ultimately making demands, and a whole lot more. 

Christopher R. Rogers is an educator and cultural worker from Chester, PA. He serves as Public Programs Director for the Paul Robeson House & Museum, where he has volunteered since 2015. Additionally, he is currently a doctoral student within the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education where he studies neighborhood storytelling practices in West Philadelphia. He serves on the National Steering Committee for Black Lives Matter at School, supporting movements for racial justice in K-16 education.

YahNé Ndgo is a member of Ubuntu⇔Freedom, which publicly launched on April 24, 2021 with the development and sharing of the Principles of Freedom. She is also a strategist with the #LoveNotPhear Campaign to bring Mumia home, a Steering Committee member of the Free Kamau Sadiki Now Campaign, and a member of the Black Alliance for Peace. A mother, singer and writer, she received her MFA in Writing and Literature from Bennington College in Vermont. She is the lead caretaker of the Revolutionary Care Space.

Episode Resources & Notes

Chris Rogers on Twitter: @justmaybechris 

Paul Robeson House and Museum

YahNé Ndgo’s website

How We Stay Free Project

The Black Philadelphia Radical Collective/ Our 13 Demands

The Philly Black Student Alliance

215 People’s Alliance

2022 Marvel Cooke Journalism Fellowship


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