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Apr 11, 2019

The following is a quick message delivered on behalf of our friends at Liberation Through Reading.

They have an event coming up in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, April 13th at the A-Space (4722 Baltimore Avenue) from 12PM-4PM, gifting Black children with free Black books. Details are below. 

Contact Erica Caines at


In almost 2 years, #LiberationThroughReading has gifted well over 1000 BRAND NEW representative books to Black children of all reading levels. Each book gifted features Black characters and written by Black authors.

After hosting several events in Anne Arundel County, Md and one with the The Concord Freedom School in Brooklyn, NY, in the summer of 2018, #LiberationThroughReading has been invited to come to West Philly to offer the Black children in that community a chance to be introduced to a wide variety of books featuring people who look like them, in hopes to encourage a love a literacy.

#LiberationThroughReading gives both children AND parents the opportunity to engage books.

The initiative encourages parents to nurture a love of reading in their child and representation in their homes.

We’re bringing it to West Philly next month for the 8th event in order to have the same conversations with the community to push literacy by using representation as a tool that fosters both pride in heritage and love of reading!